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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Battery Lead ACID, Battery MF Simple charger for ACCU

I have been build my own simple charger for my battery  grabs from my motor bike. The Battery is Yuasa MF 12 Volt 3.5AH that mean for 1 hour can supply current 3.5 Ampere 12 volt.
The main circuit is:
Circuit in picture

Componen: Transformator 10A 20volt AC be directed made Direct Current  by diode 10A, Ampere meter, Volt meter and 12V/25watt bulb then connection to my battery.

The principle of charger is suply must high voltage then voltage of accu voltage. The bulb function is for voltage compensation and current flow control. For better charger circuit the must have capacitor at diode rectifier. Electronics Capacitor about 2200uF/63Volt DC or higher capita and voltage.
Some picture:

The MF Accu Battery to charge in this experiment

Voltage and Current Display

In action to charger ACCU MF YUASA 3.5 AH

After charger comple, to test with LED Luxeon


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