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Sunday, August 10, 2014

USB to Serial Converter Home Made without Microcontroller IC - No need programming

USB to Serial converter home made without IC microcontroller or no need programming can realization using special IC for that. It is TF 232 BM. For more explanation will shown in this circuit:

At the PC side you need driver software (winxp and lower) but for win7 up no need driver.

Complete Circuit/Driver/Schematic can download at HERE

Most of today's PCs and notebooks began to leave the serial port and switch to USB. The use of USB is more practical because in addition to its speed higher, this port has a 5 volt voltage source that can be used to provide resources on an electronic system that is connected to it. While today most electronic devices are still using the port RS232 communication with PC media. To bridge these problems  so many products launched USB to RS232 which makes electronic devices is still detected as COM (RS232 port) on the PC or notebook. Old software that was previously still using COM does not need to be changed  again because the device is still considered to communicate with COM (Port RS232) But most of USB products on the market toRS232 still using 12 Volt +/- level on the microcontroller whereas RS232 can only use TTL level 0 / + 5Volt just so needed IC MAX232 again to communicate with this module. 

RS232 Converter production has TTL level 0 / + 5 volts on the RS232nya so it can be connected directly to the microcontroller system without using a MAX232.
Installation HOME MADE USB - Serial Converter:
- Connect the USB cable to a PC's USB port and USB port Home Made this circuit
- Power LED indicator will indicate the presence of active voltage source Module enters the This circuit
- Windows will ask for the driver of the module to be installed

Driver installation step by step:

To testing connection use Hyperterminal

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