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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fuzzy Controller Based AT89C51 for Egg Incubator by: Wakhyu Dwiono

No like traditional controller as PID, fuzzy logic give us eazy for controlling plants, no need plant equation, just adjust and ask the pakar, you just using this in microcontroller as look up table. The project will discus later...

Iqomat Time Prayer

This idea is alarm pre-setting to sign to start pray in mosque. Wakhyu Dwiono from UMP Purwokerto send this project for free. The main controller is AT89C2051, will count down in large display, for setting preset time 5, 10 minutes.
For development also can build for making digital clock. Layout diagram will publish soon.

Rat Repeller

In this page you can build electronics rat repeller. How to work is based on the frequency ultrasonic wave that make crasy them, its about 25-40kHz. In this frequency the human beeing will not hearing, but not for rat, mosquito, bat ,etc.
The key is IC 555 to generate ultrasonics wave. The schematic available now:

Video Result:
1. Rat white
2. Rat
3. Bat

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