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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Replace the Flashdisk icon

Changing the Icon of the flash with a unique icon in the following manner. first open notepad and write the below code

ICON = Katak.ico

(Katak.ico) can be replaced by another icon name according to your tastes, then save the file with the name autorun.inf. Enter iconnya autorun.inf file and the file on the flash, see the image below:

Free Software for Bad Sector Check hard drive

Free Software for Bad Sector Check hard drive

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Beware Zeroll on Instant Messaging Worm

VIVAnews - The presence of a computer worm that spreads via instant messaging services, must now increasingly aware of the penggandrung online chat activity.

Section, the recent Russian security company, Kaspersky Lab, detects a new family of computer worms that can penetrate and infect the user through several client applications simultaneously, including Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Paltalk Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Xfire client for gamers.

Unlike a computer virus that will only spread by the computer user intervention, worms can replicate themselves and spread through the network automatically, use the contact address list in an email client or the instant messaging application. Four variants of the worm that has security experts Kaspersky detected was named IM-Worm.Win32.Zeroll.

Once through the computer, this worm can be directly visible in any instant messaging client contact list and try to spread to all contacts found.

Infection will occur when a user follows a hyperlink that leads to a false picture pulled, which actually leads to a malicious file. Links that appear in the instant messaging is sent through machines that have been infected.

The gravity again, the new computer worm also has multi-language skills. Worm.Win32.Zeroll using 13 different languages, including English, German, Spanish and Portuguese and send messages to users in various countries in a language they understand.

Currently, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and the United States has experienced an infection in large numbers. In addition, infections have also been found in Africa, India and European countries, especially Spain.

IM-Worm.Win32.Zeroll has a backdoor function, which means it can control the infected computer without the user's knowledge. After penetrating the system, the worm directly connected with the control center that will give orders from afar.

After receiving instructions from the center through the IRC, IM-Worm.Win32.Zeroll started to download other malicious programs. Interestingly, the type of new IM worm is connected to a different IRC channels, depending on the state and the existing instant messaging client on the computer.

This indicates that hackers maker worms from infected computers controlling the network can classify the worm in accordance with state and IM clients, and send different commands that are useful in distributing spam.

"Apparently this worm makers are still running the initial stages of their evil activities," said Dmitry Bestuzhev, Kaspersky Lab's Regional Expert for Latin America.

"They infect as many machines may be useful for them to get a good deal of other villains, such as pay per install, spam and so on." Kaspersky Lab claims to have managed to detect and neutralize this new family of IM worms. (Hs)

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