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Monday, September 23, 2013

IC LM 555 as eazy and cheap TIMER

IC 555 most popular as multivibrator and can design as easy and cheap timer like this circuit. The TIME that you want as timer be calculate:


A relay timer circuit using the 555. On pressing the switch the relay is activated for a time determined by 1.1R∗C, where R∗ equals 100k plus the setting of the 470 kW variable and C is the capacitor value that has
been selected by the switch. Note the use of diodes to prevent latch-up and damage to the IC when the relay isswitched off.

Monday, June 3, 2013

TDS tester Home Made DIY

TDS METER is a worthy water Consumption Threshold measure.Pure water or water that is not contaminated is usually a maximum of 3 ppm only. -Meanwhile, according to World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water worthy no more than 50 ppm. Ministry of Health Government of Canada limit to 40 ppm. Parts per million (ppm) is the description of solute or equal to milligrams per liter.

Standards Compliance issued by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), clean and pure water has a TDS <40 ppm. TDS itself stands for Total Dissolved Solids, the number of solid elements or compounds that are dissolved in the water such as aluminum, iron, silver, zinc, manganese and salt.

Electrolysis Elektrolyzer tool is a simple tool that can be used to determine whether the water contains minerals in the test or not.

Electrolysis process is a process of separation of the chemical components into elements by using electricity.

In general, such a device with a 4 foot box made ​​of metal electrodes with a negative pole and a positive charge, which, if passed by the flow of electricity and dipped in electrically conductive fluid (which no minerals), the negatively charged chemical elements would lead to the positive pole, and vice versa, positively charged elements that will lead to the negative pole.

Elektrolyzer able to decipher the workings of the bonds or the release of dissolved solids in the water through the system anode cathode. This tool is suitable to determine the level of turbidity in the water or Total Disolved Solid (TDS).


Some Picture:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

You wana download ATMEL Studi without sign up

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